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No, but seriously.


No, but seriously.

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Jason Varitek has caught an MLB record of four no-hitters:
→Hideo Nomo on April 4, 2001
→Derek Lowe on April 27, 2002
→Clay Buchholz on September 1, 2007
→Jon Lester on May 19, 2008

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Dear Chris Brown: Do you know what the real “ultimate F*CK OFF” is?

Being kind.

Being good.

Being creative.

Being smart.

Not beating women.

Also, not beating women.


Loving well.

Having success you earned solely on your talent, and not ever in part because you are a reprehensible jackass polarizing figure who attracts nationwide media coverage every time you go to JAIL. Screw it: reprehensible jackass.

Not being the subject of ironic sketches.

Not having to fend off “da haterz” at all.


Not having followers who favorite tweets full of hatespeech.

Being gracious.

Giving back.

Refraining, at all costs, from beating women.

Because you know what happens when you do all of these things?

What happens is: when you win an award, people are happy for you. You don’t have to use your award as a middle finger. It can be, you know, an award. An achievement. A recognition of your talent (which I will begrudgingly admit you have, even though if there was any justice in the world it would be reassigned to someone who deserves it). It would not have to be a weapon against hate.

Just imagine how much better life would be, if your Grammy didn’t have to be your shield against all the millions of people who have legitimate reasons for thinking you’re a sick screwup and a genuinely terrible person.

It might have looked like this.

Chris Brown Just Fucking Wishes

She had the ultimate f*ck off, dear boy. Not you. Sorry to disappoint.


Your friends

People who are happy they are not your friends



Pretty much.

that tweet just proves what an arrogant asshole he is


My heart


My heart